The Values that keep Grassroots Football moving forward

The Values that keep Grassroots Football moving forward

Ah, grassroots football… What a wonderful sport! Even more so, considering that it is a basic pillar in training, not only of future athletes, but of future people!

For this very reason, it is essential to keep in mind a series of Positive Values, which serve as glue among the members of a team, and make this sport something giant in every game.

Let’s start!

Strength: This Value is essential, since much of this sport is based on a good physical endurance, as well as knowing how to dose all your power when it comes to kicking. But let’s not limit ourselves exclusively to physical strength… Mental strength is equally or even more important! Because it’s the component that allows us to face seemingly insurmountable obstacles, as well as overcome our own limits.

Union: Teamwork is essential. Without it, football would not be what it is! After all, it is a sport based on the harmony between the members of the team. With lots of training, carefully reviewing tactics and, above all, keeping our observation skills active, and our empathy towards our teammates… Victory is almost assured! But we must not only be united to our teammates… It is also key to be respectful towards the players of the rival team! Because, beyond the competition, what we are all looking for is to enjoy the game, and to live our passion for this sport!

Tenacity: Playing football is exciting, and generally you can enjoy every second, but… Sometimes, it can get very difficult! An adverse climate; dealing with an unfavorable result; exhaustion, physical injuries… And, in those moments, it is necessary to resort to all the resilience we have inside us! Because it is from our own tenacity, where we will draw strength, both physical and mental, to overcome the greatest challenges and the most difficult games.

Kindness: Until now, we have only mentioned qualities related to strength, pragmatism and team play. However, we must never put aside what has to do with the benevolence you show towards others! Your actions define you, and so does the way you treat other people. Make your human quality also be reflected every time you go out on the field! Because, in order to be a great footballer, first you need to be a great person.

O – Organization: As we have already mentioned, teamwork is key. And organization is such an important element! Respect and follow the alignment, strategies and tactics that have been marked… And make sure that all of you are playing in tune! It is crucial, if you want your team to be a winning combination!

L – Leadership: And finally, it is very important to keep leadership in mind! Not only understanding it as that unique talent that gets your team to follow you… Leadership is also based on being a reference for others! And how is this accomplished? By demonstrating respect towards others, working hard, learning and improving every day… And by giving everything you’ve got every time you go out to the field! This is what, at the decisive moment, will make both your teammates and the public respect you and consider you as a born leader in this sport.

Now, we make you a question…

Are you ready???

Which player do you think represents these Values ​​with pride and dignity? You can choose a player for each Value, or only one for all the qualities we have cited. We leave it in your hands! Leave us your opinion in the comments section, and you can also tell what you would like us to talk about in future posts of this blog!

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See you next time!!!

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