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About us

We know that for many people, football is more than a sport, it is the dream of our little and young ones and, by contagion, the dream of family core and our best friends.

FBASE.Tv is a platform designed to expanding the world of football academy, spreading the excitement and the best moments lived in the fields and to take them directly to the homes of our cracks. We are a powerfull tool in their way to become an excellent player and person.

For this reason, FBASE.Tv team has defined a digital platform which functions both as a training tool and a entertainment network built with the latest technologies. FBASE.Tv has a variety of products and all of them are created to help football academy players to improve their results in a constructive way, creating community and a space for exchange between family, friends and the Club.

FBASE.Tv was born to be at the service of people and the world of football academy to improve and expand the experience of this great sport. For more information, you can visit our FAQ section, follow us on different social media or contact us through this website.


The Fbase.tv life purpose is from one side to transfer all of the excitement lived in the football academy fields to homes and family environments and from other side to professionalize football training and learning processes. In addition, FBASE.Tv facilitates and promotes inside clubs the implementation of important issues like brand image and processes digitalization. We are an incredible instrument of communication amongst all the members of the football academy community.


Chief Technology Officer


Because having all the images of what is happening on the field in an easy and accessible way is fabulous. But if besides Clubs can do it automatically with no extra costs relatives to managing and organising the videos and meeting the GDPR, this is a big jump to the football academy 2.0 world.


Enjoy all your football academy moments while developing new techniques in an easy and friendly way, be delighted reviving and sharing your best plays wherever you are.


Accompany and life your most important moments always close to your closest ones. Revive, share and enjoy with your family your best matches and plays.


Professionalize your team management using all the power of audiovisual media, detect the key moments that you can mark and share an individual level or with the entire template. Evaluate your strategies and their execution while speeding up your work.


Manage and supervise in real time the technical strategies of the teams for both matches and training. Evaluate the performance and efficiency of training through image and direct communication with coaches and players.

Is FBASE.Tv open to the whole futbol academy?

Yes if you are registrered. We are a private platform to exchange videos and information related to football academy. If you want to be part of the network you must download our app FBASE.Tv and get registered. If you want to watch the matches you should choose one of the monthly subscripcions available. During the process make sure you are accepted by your Club as a member ...

How can I access to FBASE.Tv?

You can access downloading our app FBASE.Tv available in Google Play and Apple Store ...

¿Como puedo ver mis partidos?

Asegúrate de que tu club es asociado a FBASE.Tv. Si tu Club es asociado, regístrate en FBASE.Tv y una vez recibas confirmación de aceptación por parte de tu club ya solo falta que elijas una de las subscripciones que te permiten visualización de partidos. Si tu club no es asociado a FBASE.Tv puedes mandarnos un mail a quiero@fbase.tv mostrando tu interés con los datos de tu club para que podamos hacerle llegar la información ...

If I choose a free subscription, can I watch matches?

Yes, but only those which Clubs have chosen to leave open and accesible to everybody ...

What means to be a FBASE.Tv assoacted Club?

It means that we have the FBASE.Tv autonomous recording equipment installed in their facilities. This provides them with the recording and broadcasting services along with the FBASE.Tv platform services ...

I am a Club. How can I become a FBASE.Tv Club associated Club?

Contact with us through the web or writting to quiero@fbase.tv explaining who you are, Club data and stating that you want to become a FBASE.Tv associated Club and a member of our team will contact with you ...

As a Club, how long will it take, since we sign up to become FBASE.Tv associated Club until we are provided with all the services and are ready to use them?

Every Club have their circumstances depending on the distribution of their facilities and internet conections. Once we clarify those important matters for a correct equipment installation and platform activation, normally 2 to 4 weeks are sufficient for you to enjoy all our services ...

Who can watch the matches of an associated Club that are broadcast on FBASE.Tv?

In FBASE.Tv we rely on a fair exchange, therefore, the viewing of matches can only be done between clubs and members of associated clubs, provided they have a member or premium subscription ...

Is it possible to watch the matches in deferred?

Yes, depending on what subscription you have you will be able to watch either the same matches that you can watch live or these and besides some that might have been recorded but not broadcasted ...

What are the advantages of haveing a complete panoramic view of the field?

It is very useful for both players and coaches to zoom and view any area of the field and any relevant play or event regardless of where the ball is at that time ...

Can I register in FBASE.Tv app if my Club is not yet FBASE.Tv associated?

Yes, you can register on FBASE.Tv and enjoy a variety of utilities and services with our free subscripction. You just have to download the app through Google pay or Apple Store, once installed, you can get registered following all the indications ...

Soy menor de 14 años, ¿necesito algún requisito para registrarme?

Solo tienes que descargarte la app FBASE.Tv en Google Play o Apple Store y una vez instalada registrarte y crea tu nueva cuenta siguiendo todos los pasos. Es muy fácil ...

Principal function


With FBASE.Tv’s autonomous recording system, the Club can schedule the recording of all the matches taking place in the fields where cameras are installed and broadcast them on our platform, allowing their community to enjoy the matches from wherever they are.

We bring 2.0 technology to the field of football Academy!
This fact offers advantages to all the members of the community, from players which can visualize their best plays as many times as they want, to coaches and the Club itself which will be able to develop strategies and training programs at the highest level. And most important, the families, who will have the possibility of watching their little ones cracking on the fields.




Follow the League and Football academy Tournaments

Live your club matches in leagues and tournaments. At last, an organized way to follow the activities of your favorite clubs, teams and players.

Life Broadcast

Follow the match in real time and high quality from anywhere in the world

Match Recording

Video of the matches. Experience the match again from home, watch it as many times as you want and mark your own events


Easy access to updated information about schedules, results and classifications of the competitions


Thanks to our level of content organization, you can enjoy detailed information in only one click.


Select your favorite contents and visualize those of the clubs and players that you follow.


Vote and rate the best goals, plays, stops and all kind of match events.



Record matches, classify them on a unique platform and access to them in one click. Club professionalisation.


Watch your matches, relive the most important moments and share them.







If you are a Club and you want to have FBASE.Tv click here

If you prefer, you can also write to us at info@fbase.tv

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